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PAT, the Paediatric Auscultation Trainer (Light Skin)

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This paediatric auscultation trainer with listening points at the correct anatomical locations also has heart sounds at different rates for comparison.



  • Total of 99 sounds supplied: 23 heart (at 75bm and 90 bm), 4 heart lung and palpation, 15 pediatric breath, 3 pediatric bowel
  • Customized volume adjustments
  • Variable heart and respiration rate
  • Software inlcudes visual phonocardiograms 
  • Includes free online Site License


  • Anatomically accurate auscultation sites


  • Suitable for lab, classroom or online 
  • Students can use their own stethoscopes
  • Portable and easy to use 

Skills Gained

  • Use and placement of a stethoscope

  • Identification of sounds and their variations

  • Relationship between sounds and auscultation sites

  • Ability to describe sounds clearly to others

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    PAT, the Paediatric Auscultation Trainer (Light Skin)

    Product No. CD718-8850

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  • Dell laptop with PAT software installed

    Dell laptop with PAT software installed

  • USB cable

    USB cable

  • PAT T-shirt

    PAT T-shirt

  • PAT powercord

    PAT powercord



Physician Associate

Competence and Curriculum Framework for the Physician Assistant 2012, p 12 2.3.5 Perform a physical examination tailored to the needs of the patient and the demands of the clinical situation, including...cardiovascular examination


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