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Joint and Soft Tissue Injection Book (5th Edition)

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Author: Trevor Silver
Contributors: David Silver and David MacLellan

The book provides a comprehensive guide to diagnosing conditions, the benefits (and potential pitfalls) of steroid injections.  It is both clear and well illustrated.

It looks at all aspects of the practical skills required, as well as the evidence-base, general information, medico-legal issues and clinical errors to avoid.

The Fifth Edition has been further updated, expanded and revised, including new sections on the elbow joint and iliotibial band syndrome as well as a new chapter on sports physiotherapy, and updates to the concept of greater trochanter pain syndrome.

It conveys the author's comprehensive knowledge of anatomy and procedures and describes, step-by-step, the required skills for each procedure using full-colour photographs and explanatory illustrations.

Providing the practitioner with the knowledge needed to inject with confidence. 

All of the Limbs & Things soft tissue joint injection models were developed in direct collaboration with Trevor Silver. Each model is supplied with a copy of the book.

Joint Injection Models

  • Shoulder for Joint Injection 30010
  • Elbow for Joint Injection 30080
  • Hand & Wrist for Joint Injection 30031
  • Knee for Aspiration 70013


Skills Gained

Book contents:

  • Incidence
  • Medico-legal Issues
  • The shoulder
  • The wrist and hand
  • The Elbow
  • Conditions around the hip and thigh
  • The knee joint
  • The ankle and foot
  • The spine
  • Musculoskeletal imaging and therapeutic options in soft tissue disorders
  • The body is a mirror of the mind
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    Joint and Soft Tissue Injection Book (5th Edition)

    Product No. BKS1846195004

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