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PROMPT Postpartum Hemorrhage Kit - Dark

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For the management of postpartum bleeding and care including performing a compression suture and ligating the uterine artery.

To be used in conjunction with the PROMPT Flex Standard or Advanced.



  • Blood loss of up to 2 liters can be simulated
  • Air bulbs are used to simulate blood flow and control atonic state of uterus
  • Multiple uses when conducting the compression suture 

Skills Gained

  • Management of postpartum bleeding:
    • Fundal massage
    • Bi-manual compression
    • Hemostatic balloon insertion and management 
  • Estimating blood loss
  • All common types of compression suture (including B-Lynch, Hayman and Pereira)
  • Dissection of broad ligament
  • Ligation of uterine arteries
  • Professional-to-patient communication skills
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Obstetric Training

RCOG Core Module 12: Postpartum Problems (the Puerperium) Clinical Competency: ....Primary, secondary and other postpartum haemorrhage