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Adult Male Circumcision Trainer - Light

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This product has been designed for healthcare professionals practicing the necessary skills for prophylactic and therapeutic male circumcision. It allows practitioners to perform the 3 most common methods of circumcision.

In 2013, trainees and trainers attending RCS Core Surgical Skills courses or a national urology meeting were asked to use the model to undertake circumcision. Feedback questionnaires were analysed from 55 trainees and 32 trainers. Use of the model for training was considered satisfactory or better in 93% of returns. As a realistic model, 92% considered it to be satisfactory/very good/excellent.

Designed and evaluated in collaboration with:

  • MSR Israel Center for Medical Simulation
  • Mrs Suzie Venn and her colleagues at the Royal College of Surgeons England.



  • Able to perform penile ring block technique
  • Penis presented in supine position
  • Can be used to practice suturing techniques


  • Realistic and accurate representation of the foreskin: realistic retraction of foreskin and realistic representation of the layers of the foreskin


  • Compact and portable
  • Available in light or dark skin tones


  • Latex free

Skills Gained

  • 3 methods can be performed:
    • Forceps guided
    • Dorsal Slit method
    • Sleeve resection
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Urology Surgery Training

The Intercollegiate Surgical Curriculum Urology Surgery, August 2015 p.60 Adult Circumcision p.20 Recognise the indications for and to perform a circumcision