Product No. 50306

FLS All-In-One Trainer System with TV Camera

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Working closely with the SAGES-ACS FLS committee, we have revolutionized the FLS trainer system. Introducing an updated series of laparoscopic training products exclusively designed and endorsed for the FLS Program. The systems come complete with a training box and TV camera alongside a range of tasks designed to develop the skills necessary to perform the fundamentals of laparoscopic surgery.

The FLS All-In-One Trainer System incorporates all of the features of the FLS Trainer System and also includes ligating loops, sutures and an FLS Approved Instrument Kit. This product provides a training center with everything required to run an FLS Training program. 

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    FLS All-In-One Trainer System with TV Camera

    Product No. 50306

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Product No.

Whats included 50306 50302 50304
- Trainer Box Yes Yes Yes
- TV Camera Yes Yes Yes
- Light Strip Yes Yes Yes
- Power Cable Yes Yes Yes
- Simulated Skin Yes Yes Yes
- String & Alligator Clips x2 Yes Yes Yes
- Trocars x2 Yes Yes Yes
- Peg Board Yes Yes Yes
- Triangles x6 Yes Yes Yes
- Jumbo Clip Retainer Yes Yes Yes
- Single Circle Gauze x25 Yes Yes Yes
- Double Circle Gauze x25 Yes Yes Yes
- Foam Organs x3 Yes Yes Yes
- Suture Block Yes Yes Yes
- Penrose Drains x50 Yes Yes Yes
- 19” LED TV Yes No Yes
- Mobile SimCart Yes No Yes
- Single Use Ligating Loops x3 Yes No No
- Multi-Use Ligating Loops x5 Yes No No
- Sutures x50 Yes No No
- FLS Approved Instrument Kit Yes No No


General Surgery Training

GMC General Surgery Curriculum (p.87): To understand the principles of laparoscopic surgery including technical aspects and common complications; Technology of video imaging, cameras. Laparoscopic instruments, clips, staplers and port types Diagnostic laparoscopy; Laparoscopic suturing and knotting; Control of laparoscopic bleeding


Urology Surgery Training