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Standard Venipuncture Arm - Light

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The Standard Venipuncture Arm provides the ideal platform for practicing the skills related to venipuncture and IV cannulation. 

The bag and stand mock blood supply is perfect for a clinical skills training environment where large numbers of trainees are practicing on a regular basis, or for self-directed learning time in a skills laboratory.

Little technical knowledge is required for setup and maintenance.



  • Realistic blood flashback
  • Arm allows for digital pressure to stem blood flow
  • Infusion Tube allows for volume IV fluids to be administered


  • Skin is durable
  • Veins last for up to 500 insertions of 21g needle
  • Blood has been reformulated to improve leak resistance of veins (concentrated liquid to save you money and storage space).
  • Can be used with vacuum blood collection systems, needle and syringe and IV cannulas
  • Can be used for hybrid simulation and for professional-to-patient communication when using the optional Venipuncture Arm Harness


  • Veins are easy to replace
  • Easy to clean, service and maintain


  • Contains latex


  • Soft, flexible skin
  • Underlying palpable veins: cephalic, basilic and dorsal metacarpal

Skills Gained

  • Venipuncture
  • IV Cannulation
  • IV Infusion
  • Professional-to-patient communication


Product No.

Skills 00330 00440 00290
Venipuncture Yes Yes Yes
IV Cannulation Yes Yes Yes
IV Infusion Yes Yes Yes
Professional-to-patient communication Yes Yes Yes
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    Standard Venipuncture Arm Vein

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    Standard Venipuncture Vein Module

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    Bag & Stand Venipuncture Arm Mock Blood Supply

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    Concentrated Venous Blood - Starter Pack

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    Venipuncture Arm Infusion Tube

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    Venipuncture Arm Rest

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    Venipuncture Arm Skin - Light

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  • 3 Sachets water-based lubricant

    3 Sachets water-based lubricant

  • Arm shell

    Arm shell


Product No.

What's included 00330 00440 00290
- SV Arm Vein Yes No No
00020 Concentrated Venous Blood - Starter Pack Yes Yes Yes
00291 Venipuncture Arm Skin - Light Yes Yes Yes
00292 AV Arm Vein No Yes No
00295 AV Vein Module No Yes No
00302 Venipuncture Arm Rest Yes Yes Yes
00303 Refill Bottle No No Yes
00334 SV Vein Module Yes No No
00335 Venipuncture Arm Infusion Tube Yes Yes Yes
00336 Bag & Stand Venipuncture Arm Mock Blood Supply Yes Yes No
00337 Pressurised Venipuncture Arm Mock Blood Supply No No Yes
- Sachets water-based lubricant x3 Yes Yes Yes
- Arm shell Yes Yes Yes


Undergraduate Medicine

Practical Skills and Procedures, General Medical Council, April 2019, p.4-6 5. Take blood cultures: take samples of venous blood to test for the growth of infectious organisms 7. Carry out venepuncture: insert a needle into a patient's vein to take a sample of blood for testing. Patient Care 13. Set up an infusion Set up and run through an intravenous infusion Prescribing 17. Prepare and administer injectable (...intravenous) drugs... Therapeutic Procedures 18. Carry out intravenous cannulation. Insert a cannula into a patient's vein and apply an appropriate dressing. 19 Carry out safe and appropriate blood transfusion

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