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Injection Trainer (Light Skin Tone)

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Limbs & Things’ Injection Trainer is the ideal simulation trainer to facilitate the practice and administration of intradermal, subcutaneous, and intramuscular tissue injection techniques.

The trainer features realistic and easily identifiable tissue layers that represent the epidermis, dermis, adipose, and muscle. The receptive anatomical layers make this an ideal tool for teaching correct needle positioning to beginners and more clinically experienced individuals.

Included with the trainer is a removable epidermis that enables intradermal injections to be performed. The injectant is filled between the epidermis and soft tissue skin pad and can be identified as successful when a bleb occurs.

The epidermis is easily removable for cleaning. This Injection Trainer comes with two epidermises to maximize the number of injections performed before needing a replacement, making it a cost-effective trainer.

The fluid-absorbent Skin Pad allows learners to experience repeatable and realistic subcutaneous and intramuscular injections.

The trainer is lightweight, portable, and comes with a strap-on base plate to be attached to an arm or thigh of a simulated patient. This allows for scenario-based training to help teach professional-to-patient communication. Alternatively, injection procedures can be performed on tabletop.



• Epidermis layer peels back to quickly release subcuticular liquid
• Multiple tissue layers – epidermis, dermis, adipose tissue, and muscle
• Can be used in scenario-based or tabletop training
• Durable material for repeated injections


• Tissues are soft and to the touch
• Accurate representation of epidermis, dermis, subcutaneous adipose, and muscle layers which facilitate true to life needle resistance
• Realistic elasticity of skin


• Adjustable strap for hybrid simulation
• Durable replaceable epidermis
• Re-usable foam block and pad to absorb liquid from injection


• Can be cleaned by wiping with soap and water


• This product is latex free
• When practicing injection, only use water
• Ensure the product is completely dried after use and stored in its box between sessions
• Recommended: allow up to 48 hours before using the trainer for the product to reach room temperature. Very low temperatures can make the material brittle and inflexible


• Trainer represents a common injection site on a patient
• Epidermis, dermis, adipose (fat) and muscle


Skills Gained

Skills gained:
• Subcutaneous injection
• Intradermal and intramuscular injection
• Management of tissue
• Professional-to-patient communication

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  • Strap-on base plate

    Strap-on base plate

  • Soft tissue tray with liner

    Soft tissue tray with liner

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Undergraduate Medicine

Practical Skills and Procedures, General Medical Council, April 2019, p.6 Prescribing 17. Prepare and administer injectable (intramuscular, subcutaneous,intravenous) drugs... and prefilled syringes

Undergraduate Nursing

Physician Associate

Postgrad FY1 FY2



How do you replace the Epidermis on the soft skin injection simulator?
The epidermis can be easily removed, and a replacement can be transferred onto the injection simulator using our Epidermis Wallet included with the kit. For full details on the process, you can view our user guide 

Do you offer replacement parts for the Limbs & Things Injection Trainer?
Yes, we offer a bundle that includes a Skin Pad and Muscle block for the Injection Trainer which can be easily and quickly replaced.

How thick is the epidermis layer of the Injection Trainer?
The epidermis layer comes with a standard thickness between 0.5 – 0.8mm which is representative of the average thickness of common injection sites seen on the human body.