People Project - Meet Tim

01 October 2020

There’s an element of pressure attached to every role at Limbs. Our relentless pursuit of perfection ensures that there is a collective responsibility to get it right, first time. That element of pressure may not be more evident than with Tim Everett, our UK Despatch Team Leader.

People Project - Meet Tim

Essentially acting as the final component in the overall production and business process, Tim puts the final touches on the orders before the products find themselves in the classroom.Not one for letting the day pass him by, Tim is always a hive of energy. “I can’t sit down and do nothing, I have to be doing something. I like hard work”, he says as he almost reluctantly leaves work behind for 30 minutes to discuss everything Tim. Anyone who knows Tim and sees him bounding around our facilities knows his statement is an entirely truthful one. It’s his eagerness to get orders out the door efficiently and promptly that has really elevated his profile within Limbs. Anne Allin, Commercial Director at Limbs, says that Tim is doing a “sterling job”. During the Covid-19 Pandemic, Tim has been part of the mainstay at Limbs UK. True to his hard-working nature, that was something he grasped with both hands and attacked head on. “Some days were really busy and I was doing 12 hours days and then coming in on Saturdays so it was a tiring time, but I enjoyed it.”

Tim’s life at Limbs actually started on the shop-floor where he was making the products, rather than shipping them out the door. However, when an opening in despatch manifested itself, Tim knew that’s where he belonged. Looking back on his decision, he says: “I started in the silicone room and I’d been there three weeks when I quite cheekily I applied for a job in despatch. It wasn’t that the silicone room wasn’t for me, logistics is my background and where I’m experienced, so working in despatch was a bit of a no brainer. It was just something that I did for me - it’s opened the gate to further places really.” Being promoted to team leader has certainly opened doors for him. As well as performing his everyday duties of processing and boxing up orders, Tim has also seen his role progress to the point where he is now much more involved across the business. Expanding, he says: “I get to go everywhere, I get to communicate with everybody. Being able to do that, you just learn so much more. I don’t have a lot to do with Research and Development, but generally I spend time in the office and in production, so I get to deal with all of it and I find it fascinating.”

When you dive deeper into Tim’s role at Limbs, efficiency and organisation are two of the main themes that go some way to explaining why he is so highly thought of. A visit to the despatch department tells you all you need to know; when you get down there, you are greeted by hundreds of boxes that all are dotted around the enclosed floor-space that falls under Tim’s control. But there’s method to the madness. Each order is processed, packed, and then allocated a dedicated space in the despatch. It is a tight area to operate within and one that takes a particular mindset and skillset to master, but Tim has done just that. “For me, it’s all about rotation”, he says proudly. “We’re not gifted with space down here, so you’ve got to utilize that space quite sensibly. Time management also makes a huge difference. I work quite methodically, and I think you have to in tight spaces, especially as there’s quite a lot of pressure to get jobs done.”

As Limbs has grown, so has Tim’s workload, and that’s kept him busy and subsequently happy. It isn’t just the satisfaction of doing a job well that keeps Tim happy, though. “Knowing and learning the background of where the company started and how they started, you can see there has been a massive advancement”, he says. It’s an advancement that Tim is proud to be a part of. “For me stability is important, this is a stable company. I don’t really see myself working for anybody else until I retire”, Tim finishes by saying. In truth, much of our stability is owed to people like Tim. His unrelenting work-ethic and teamwork capabilities ensure he is about as dependable as it gets. In an ever more uncertain world, one thing is for sure; Tim won’t let you down.