New trio of TruCorp Products

28 February 2020

We are pleased to announce the arrival of three new TruCorp products on our website. Available now are the TruBaby X, TruNerveBlock and TruMonitor trainers, which allow trainees to practice different skills in areas such as pediatrics, anesthesia and emergency medicine.

New trio of TruCorp Products

TruBaby XIdeal for anesthetists, nurses and other pediatric emergency medical professionals, the TruBaby X is an anatomically correct, ultrasound-compatible trainer that facilitates a well-rounded pediatric learning experience.

TruNerveBlock - Featuring a fractured bone structure, embedded vessels and additional nerve bundles, the TruNerveBlock is designed for trainee anesthetists to develop, practice and maintain the skills to perform ultrasound-guided regional anesthesia and vascular access procedures.

TruMonitor - The TruCorp TruMonitor App is an easy-to-use training platform that simulates a patient monitoring device on your Apple or Android tablet. The App can be used in conjunction with task trainers and simulated patients, where a teacher is then able to create reactive training scenarios for individuals or groups of students.