Jobba med oss

Senior Product Designer

You will be responsible for the design and specification of our product, particularly in the earlier stages where thorough medical understanding is fundamental. Good drawing and modelmaking skills are also required.

Bristol, UK


  • Research and development of new product
  • Provision of medical advice throughout the company
  • Improving and maintaining standards


  • Bridging area between FRD/PSD and physical model
  • Resolution of anatomical, functional, and material issues with consideration of production issues
  • Continued involvement with subsequent development
  • Project planning
  • Understanding and translation of the training requirements and how these can be best met by the training models
  • Communication with customers in some cases of poor function of products, and working with them and R&D and other departments to resolve such situations

  • Strong Medical knowledge based on medical training and experience in medical practice
  • Good CAD Skills (Solidworks) would be an advantage
  • Good understanding of design and design engineering principles would be an advantage
  • Possess good sculpting, modelmaking and mould-making skills
  • Good communicator and teamworking skills
  • Basic engineering skills – turning, milling, drilling etc