Product No. TCCC10006X

AirSim Child Combo X

Ideal for practising oral and nasal intubation training techniques, percutaneous tracheostomy and emergency cricothyroidotomy on a 6 year old child.

The NEW AirSim X Range:

Softer, more realistic skin material for improved intubation
Improved articulation means less force required for airway view
Skin, nasal passage and airway can be replaced quickly and easily



  • A tongue bulb which can be inflated to create tongue edema providing a variance during training
  • User feedback through the visualization of stomach inflation and lung expansion


  • A realistic larynx which features palpable cricoid landmarks, laryngeal cartilages and tracheal rings


  • Cost effective replaceable consumables; the neck skin can be rotated on the model allowing up to twenty incisions, while the larynx insert can facilitate one surgical cricothyroidotomy and three tracheostomy procedures
  • All consumables are quick and easy to interchange, perfect for a busy teaching environment
  • Included adhesive pads can be attached to the suction cups to allow for greater stability


  • Cleaning instructions can be found in the product user-guide

Skills Gained

  • Double nasotracheal intubation
  • Needle and surgical cricothyroidotomy
  • Percutaneous tracheostomy
  • Oral and nasal intubation
  • Laryngeal mask airway and supraglottic device insertion
  • Combi tube insertion
  • Fiber optic intubation and video laryngoscopy
  • Bag and Mask ventilation techniques
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    AirSim Child Combo X

    Product No. TCCC10006X

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  • Airway lubricant

    Airway lubricant

  • Child lung bag set

    Child lung bag set

  • Spare larynx inserts (x4)

    Spare larynx inserts (x4)

  • Carry case

    Carry case

  • 2 sets of adhesive pads

    2 sets of adhesive pads