Commercial Awards 2020

10 February 2021

Introducing the Limbs & Things commercial awards for 2020; where exemplary business performance is recognized and celebrated.

Commercial Awards 2020

2020 wasn't the kindest to anyone, but there were some particular highlights that are worth celebrating. The 2020 commercial awards highlight where certain individuals performed admirably and exceeded expectations across the whole business, even in the face of such adversity. The awards are made up of three categories: Commercial Business Contribution of the Year, Product Launch Salesperson of the Year and Salesperson of the year. View our very worthy winners below. Congratulations to all, and thank you for your continued hard work.

Commercial Business Contribution Award - Elisa Caron & Haoling Lewis

Whilst none of us can say that 2020 has been easy, at work it’s harder when you take on the roles and responsibilities of your manager, on top of your day job. Both Haoling and Elisa have worked very hard to cover all the International Accounts during 2020, managing challenging and new situations with great success. We are delighted to award them with the Commercial Business Contribution Award. Thank you for your hard work.

Product Launch Salesperson of the Year - David Pines

2020 marked the relaunch of the popular Limbs & Things Catheterization Range and posed a significant challenge to the sales team to match the quality and clinical fidelity of the product. The challenges faced by the sales team were that the product was replacing an already popular model with good saturation in the market as well as a very competitive competitor portfolio. Despite the market conditions, David was able to overcome and achieve these challenges and deliver a hugely successful sales result. This result reflected the overall positive approach David had to 2020 and his ability to adapt to the changing sales environment. As he likes to say, “every day is a school day” and this is borne out in yet another great result.

Salesperson of the Year - Ka-Man Tang

2020 was a year of unprecedented challenges across the business. One of the biggest challenges facing the sales team was the inaccessibility of our core customers and the reduction in physical hands-on training being performed. This meant that the sales team had to adapt quickly and find new ways of communicating with customers and working with them closely to ensure that students were still getting the level of clinical education to progress in their medical careers. There was one particular individual who epitomized the changes required, exceeding targets and all expectations along the way. Ka-Man joined Limbs & Things in 2017 from a pharmaceutical sales background and has since grown the Central UK Territory exponentially. During the year she has continued selling into all core markets as well as opening new doors into community medicine. In addition to the well-established product ranges, Ka-Man also exceeded all new product design launch targets. A very worthy winner of the Limbs & Things Salesperson of the Year award 2020.