People Project - Meet Robyn

01 September 2020

Whilst a large proportion of Limbs & Things is based in the United Kingdom, it is important to recognize the tireless work that goes into making our subsidiaries a success. Each extension to the Limbs family features a close-knit team, which buys into the Limbs ethos. At the heart of the Australian team is Robyn Johnston, our Customer Service Manager for Australasia.

People Project - Meet Robyn

Robyn embodies the Limbs philosophy: loyalty, determination, creativity, and unrivalled customer service, and she has for 12 and a half years now. Ever since her introduction to the company, Limbs and Robyn have remained tightly intertwined. In fact, for a large period of time, Robyn and Debbie, our Manager for Australasia, were very much a two-woman band, conquering the Australasian simulation market as a dynamic duo. Debbie would take charge of the managerial responsibilities and a large proportion of the selling aspect of the business, whilst Robyn would ensure customer service is handled, she’d deal with inward and outward goods, carry out administrative tasks, and even dabble in some telephone sales. As the Australian business has progressed, the team has expanded, and subsequently the burden has been eased on Robyn, but there’s still plenty for her to do, as she explains: “My role is still quite broad, and that’s what I like the most, because I do customer service which is the quoting for sales and dealing with customer inquiries, but I also do all the purchase orders and the inward and outward goods. I think that’s what I’ve always loved, I’ve loved the variety.”

But customer service isn’t always the envy of the working world. It’s a profession that is quite often associated with negativity and difficulties involving customers. Not in Robyn’s case, though. “Robyn’s loved by all our customers” is the message from Debbie. And it’s not hard to see why. Her positivity and energy is contagious as her broad smile bounds around the room she speaks from. So, what’s her secret? “In customer service, we’re the front line and we’re quite often the first port of call for customers, so it’s really important to leave a positive message and to make the customers feel really comfortable.”

Despite the obvious challenges that Robyn will occasionally have to face, there is one major positive that she gets to see more frequently within her role in customer service, and that’s the positive feedback, direct from customers: “The work makes me feel really good because we’re helping future nurses and future doctors to help provide the best care for patients, and it’s so lovely to hear the feedback.” There are hundreds of examples to choose from Robyn states, but there is one that particularly stands out in her mind: “I had one lady from New Zealand, and she had actually done the PROMPT Training. Two weeks after doing the training on shoulder dystocia, she was actually in theater where the baby was in shoulder dystocia and the training she had done just clicked in and she went into action and they actually managed to deliver the baby without difficulties or injuries, and to me, wow, that is heart-warming.”

Stories such as that one also highlight the skill Robyn has managed to obtain, where she is able to prize these wonderful stories from those ringing in. Whilst Robyn’s visits to the UK are few and far between, she does admit that all of those down under still feel very much a part of the grand picture. “I feel like we’re much more connected with the UK. Technology has made that so much easier and it’s really nice to see those little snippets from around the world. Although Limbs is really big, it’s still a really good family company and I think that makes a real difference.”

Robyn is also full of praise for our President, and her fellow Australian, Margot. “I loved the fact that Margot was an artist and that from her idea, she was able to create something and there was a demand. I just think that’s what it’s all about – that someone has a need and if you can meet somebody’s needs”, Robyn says excitedly. In actual fact, the way in which Robyn talks about Margot, many would also apply it to Robyn herself. Robyn’s ability to seek out and then meet the demands of our customers and her colleagues ensures that she is completely invaluable to Limbs.