Work with us

Materials Specialist (Polymers)



  • Research, develop and evaluate new materials, assessing their suitability for use in our products.
  • Evaluate the use of our current materials and manage their testing and reporting.
  • Modify RTV silicone and polyurethane elastomers to improve their properties or develop functional features.
  • Assist with Change Management process in relation to alternative materials being proposed for existing products.
  • Analyse data, identifying opportunities to improve our products in relation to material performance including accurate cost figures. identify opportunities to improve our products in relation to performance or reduce costs.
  • Consult with regulatory officials, keeping up to date with technological, legal & regulatory developments.


  • Review MSDS, conduct internal risk assessments and propose appropriate PPE or engineering controls.


  • Identify and solve relevant material/chemical challenges within the context of new product development or production.


  • Share technical information with other staff in an understandable manner.


  • Educate and train production workers on the use (and characteristics) of new materials and their associated processing.
  • Provide proposals for the use of new materials, identifying the benefits to the business/products, including accurate cost figures.


  • Ensure systems are in place to control the use of polymers in the business. Control, and ensure the effective introduction, of new materials into the business such that all safety, regulatory, documentational and operational considerations are adhered to.

  • Graduate or higher in a relevant subject such as Applied Chemistry, Polymer Science or Materials Science. We may also consider Chemical Engineers, Mechanical Engineers – for their knowledge of manufacturing and industry. Or ‘straight’ science, Chemistry and Physics for their analytical skills and data analysis.
  • Have a practical working knowledge of silicone rubber (RTV, LSR & HCR), PU foam and injection moulded plastics
  • Industry experience, at least 3 years, working with polymers across a range of applications.
  • Strong project management skills, ability to plan and present well organised work schedules.
  • High level of understanding of polymer synthesis, including an understanding of additives and fillers, and scale-up.
  • Commercial problem-solving ability and the ability to generate IP.
  • Understanding of QA/QC, and production processes in commercial environments.
  • Understanding of product registration and regulatory requirements for chemicals industry is an advantage.
  • Strong knowledge of manufacturing processes.