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TruWound (Light Skin Tone)

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Skin Tone:

TruCorp’s TruWound simulator offers medical professionals a realistic way to train in wound packing techniques required for the care of severe bleeding in trauma patients.

Ideal for a fast-paced learning environment, its unique 3-wound set up can be used for individual or group training, to replicate traumatic wounds in Emergency Room scenarios.

Severe haemorrhaging is simulated via the connected pressurised fluid supply system, with the accompanying blood collection containers keeping blood loss mess to a minimum. Its design also means you can refill the pump from the containers and reuse your diluted blood solution for the next training session.

TruWound allows trainees to practice realistic wound packing procedures and receive instant visual feedback when they apply the correct pressure to the packed wound.



  • Perform individual or multi-person training with just one TruWound simulator
  • Represents a gunshot wound to the thigh
  • Ideal product to support ATLS, Tactical Combat Casualty Care (TCCC), Civilian Casualty Care (CCC) and Stop the Bleed® training


  • Representative of a large bullet wound to the upper thigh, with realistic size, appearance and feel
  • Pressurised blood system to simulate heavy bleeding with venous and arterial flows
  • Visual feedback following correct packing of the wound


  • Suitable for multi-person training
  • Long lasting when used as instructed, this simulator has been tested for over 1,500 procedures (500+ per wound)
  • Less than 5 minutes set up time to maximise training use
  • Expelled fluid can be collected and reused, extending the life of the Concentrated Blood consumable


  • Drain blood from wound models and tubing
  • Wash thoroughly in warm soapy water, using a mild detergent or enzymatic cleaning agent
  • Allow components to dry thoroughly before storing


  • Always use blood collection containers when running training simulations with the TruWound models to reduce spillage and blood loss
  • Artificial blood is washable and should not stain the model, however, we recommend that you clean the models after each training session

Skills Gained

  • Wound packing procedures and techniques using haemostatic pads
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    TruWound (Light Skin Tone)

    Product No. TCTWO1000

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Also included: 

1 Pressure pump (Holds up to 2 litres) + tubing 

1 bottle of Concentrated Blood (replacements available in packs of 5 bottles)

3 Blood collection containers 

1 Plastic refill funnel 


How will trainees know if they’ve completed their procedure correctly?

When successfully packed with haemostatic pads, the blood flow from the gunshot wound will reduce, and stop. This is easily monitored in the blood collected around each wound module, by the trainers and trainees.


What are the ongoing costs of the items supplied in the TruWound trainer?

The TruWound simulator has been tested to withstand over 1,500 procedures without fail when used correctly, ensuring a long-life span of the main trainer.

With the collection containers, the expelled blood can be reused after each procedure, there may be some loss of volume due to absorption by the haemostatic pads. If you do need to top up your solution, replacement packs of Concentrated Blood can be purchased to refill the pressurised blood system.

Please note: Haemostatic pads are not supplied as part of this trainer.


What is the Stop the Bleed program, and why are more people adopting it into their courses?

Stop the Bleed (STB) is a national US awareness campaign that encourages individuals to learn how to recognise life threatening bleeding, and how to effectively stabilise wounds until emergency response arrives.

Although the course it designed for general public training, the course reinforces existing knowledge and skills in medical students. Following a research study in 2020 (Hemorrhage-Control Training in Medical Education, Jared T Gowen, et al), it was concluded that STB was a positive addition to Undergraduate Medical education.

Severe bleeding can lead to death in as little as 5 minutes

Stop the Bleed training aims to teach the necessary skills to stop traumatic blood loss, and thus, reducing the number of preventable deaths each year. Haemorrhaging from a traumatic wound accounts for approximately 1.5 million death per year, worldwide.


How does this haemorrhage control simulator support Stop the Bleed training?

TruWound is specifically designed to replicate traumatic wounds that can lead to severe bleeding when untreated.

Trainees can use this trainer to learn effective wound packing techniques to stem blood flow from gunshot wounds, and other penetrating injuries.


Who would benefit from learning how to pack a wound in emergency situations?

Wound packing is a key emergency skill that anyone can learn, courses like Stop the Bleed are suitable for beginners and refresher courses for medical professionals.

As well as emergency service staff, training on equipment such as TruWound and TruTourniquet could be beneficial to those working in potentially dangerous environments with heavy machinery, existing First Aiders, and people that live or work in remote areas or offshore.