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Episiotomy Module - Light

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This cost-effective, simplified model has been created to use in a classroom setting to ensure the acquisition of confidence in the training of episiotomy. The crowning of the head gives trainees a true-to-life experience. 

The Perineal Repair Stand (61109) in which the module fits, must be purchased separately. 




  • Baby head has realistic look and feel, providing landmarks and appropriate tactile response when inserting fingers to guard the baby's head
  • Repair tape increases the longevity of the episiotomy pad, allowing for multiple uses per pad
  • Illustration pack to help trainees get familiarised with key landmarks and where to place the cut


  • Realistic representation of tissue to represent a stretched perineum 


  • Skin surface is washable using soap & water


  • Product is latex free

Skills Gained

  • Identification of fontanelles
  • Handling of a stretched perineum
  • Reducing the risk of damaging the baby or mother 
  • Infiltration of perineum prior to episiotomy 
  • Performance of mediolateral or midline episiotomy
  • Use of instruments
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The standards and Criteria for the Accreditation of Nursing and Midwifery Courses Leading to Registration states that midwives in Australia are expected to have experience of actual or simulated episiotomy and perineal suturing.