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Advanced Breast Examination Trainer

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Our Advanced Breast Examination Trainer provides a highly realistic learning platform for acquiring the skills required to perform Clinical Breast Examination (CBE) and teaching Self breast examination (SBE).

Featuring 6 readily interchangeable and multi-positional pathologies, providing healthcare professionals with the tools to identify various complications and pathologies, including carcinomas, cysts, fibrocystic disease and fibroadenoma. 

Both Simulated Patient and benchtop training can be used for any undergraduate programs running OSCEs or healthcare professionals promoting best practice techniques to trainees and patients.

This product was developed in close collaboration with leading clinicians:
• Mr Peter Donnelly, Torbay Hospital, UK
• Clinical Skills Resources Centre, University of Liverpool, UK
• Clinical Practice Centre, St James’s University Hospital, Leeds, UK



  • Can be used with a Standarized Patient
  • Pathologies can be placed in various predetermined location points and are easily changeable
  • Dual purpose product: bench top and hybrid
  • Hard torso available for bench top use


  • Soft tissue breasts look and feel realistic
  • Clavicular and axilla pads for accurate lymph node placement


  • Pathologies can be placed in various predetermined location points and are easily changeable
  • Comfortable to wear for long periods of time during OSCEs and assessments


  • Skin surface is washable using soap and water


  • Latex free


  • Realistic soft tissue breast anatomy
  • Pathologies supplied:
    • Carcinomas: 2cm, 3cm, 5cm
    • Cyst
    • Fibrocystic disease
    • Fibroadenoma

Skills Gained

  • Clinical breast examination (CBE) 
  • Self breast examination (SBE) 
  • Identification of anatomical landmarks 
  • Identification of lymph nodes (axillary, supra & infraclavicular) 
  • Location and diagnosis of pathologies 
  • Professional-to-patient communication


Product No.

Skills 40201 40202 40200
Clinical breast examination (CBE) Yes Yes Yes
Self breast examination (SBE) Yes Yes Yes
Identification of anatomical landmarks Yes Yes Yes
Identification of lymph nodes (axillary, supra & infraclavicular) No No Yes
Location and diagnosis of pathologies Yes Yes Yes
Professional-to-patient communication Yes Yes Yes
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    Lymph Node Pads

    Product No. 40203

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    Breast Examination Pathologies

    Product No. 40204

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    Breast Examination Inserts (Pair)

    Product No. 40205

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    Breast Pathologies Supports (Pair)

    Product No. 40206

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    Breast Back Plates (Pair)

    Product No. 40207

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    Breast Examination Torso

    Product No. 40208

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  • Wearable Examination Breasts

    Wearable Examination Breasts


Product No.

What's included 40201 40202 40200
- Wearable Examination Breasts Yes Yes Yes
40203 Lymph Node Pads + Lymph Nodes Yes No No
40204 Pathologies Yes Yes Yes
40205 Breast Examination Inserts Yes Yes Yes
40206 Breast Pathologies Supports Yes Yes Yes
40207 Breast Back Plates Yes Yes Yes
40208 Breast Examination Torso Yes No Yes


Postgraduate Junior Doctors

CPMEC Australian Curriculm Framework for Junior Doctors v 3.1, 2012, p.7: History and Examination: Performs a comprehensive examination of all systems; Elicits symptoms & signs relevant to the presenting problem or condition. Discriminates between the possible differential diagnoses relevant to a patient's presenting problems or conditions

Specialist GP Trainees


Undergraduate Medicine