Product No. 3DT5-RM-240

3-Dmed T5 RM Large Laparoscopic Trainer (Removable Monitor)

$7,360.00 AUD Price does not include taxes or delivery

The T5 RM Large Laparoscopic Trainer is a complete, minimally invasive training system that does not require video equipment, is simple to set up and is portable. It is similar to the T5 Large Laparoscopic Trainer (3DT5-240) with the added feature of a removable monitor and stand, to give users the ability to rotate & drape the box for a more realistic training experience. 

It includes the large pelvic box, SimScope™ (camera) and 10" monitor. It can be used for basic laparoscopic skills all the way up to advanced laparoscopic procedural training and camera navigation. 

A handle is located on the back of the box to provide easy portability and no assembly required. 


Skills Gained

  • Basic laparoscopic skills
  • Laparoscopic suturing
  • Advanced laparoscopic procedures
  • FLS® Skills practice
  • Individual or team Training
  • Laparoscopic Camera Navigation (LCN)
  • Hands-on Skills Training
  • Psychomotor Skills
  • Hand-Eye Coordination
  • Depth Perception
  • Timed Activities
  • 10" monitor

    10" monitor

  • SimScope™ (camera)

    SimScope™ (camera)

  • Large pelvic box

    Large pelvic box