Explore interactive 3D anatomy for independent learning

03 July 2024

Simulation training from Limbs & Things has got even smarter. Our latest innovation uses a combination of Augmented Reality and interactive 3D anatomy via a free app to further support student learning.

Explore interactive 3D anatomy for independent learning

For over 30 years, we’ve been dedicated to creating realistic and clinically accurate task trainers to improve student learning by creating close to life scenarios, allowing them to hone their skills. By offering reliable and repeatable training solutions, trainees can practice gaining confidence and competence before using their skills to treat a real patient. 


3D Interactivity 

Now, by introducing our own app, we’ve been able to explore new levels of learning by creating the ability to see the internal anatomy of some of our core training models. Students can download the L&T ART (Augmented Reality Training) app for free and explore 3D interactive models in their own time, adding a new dimension to the learning process.  

They can now add to their knowledge using their personal device as the app is compatible with everyday tablets and smartphones. Within the app, students can explore multiple layers of anatomy with 360° rotation to build their understanding outside of classroom learning or during revision. 

This can help them prepare ahead of training sessions, allowing them to get familiar with the model beforehand.


A deeper understanding of core procedures 

The app features anatomy based on four of our core training models. Catheterisation, Lumbar Puncture & Epidural, Chest Drain and now our popular PROMPT Flex birthing model. And we’ll be looking to expand this further across our range of products in the future. 

Medical trainees can access another level of learning and increase their visual and spatial understanding of the model before training with it in person. The app helps to build an understanding of the task trainer before practising skills and procedures, helping them to conceptualise what is happening internally whilst they use the model. 

Download the app here.


Get the full AR experience 

When paired with a compatible training model and an ART mat, learners can get even more from the app. Augmented Reality allows the user to see the inner anatomy overlaid on the physical model via their tablet or smartphone in unison. 

Integrated animations also give students a view of how the procedure should look internally. With intricate procedures like epidural insertion, this can be crucial in understanding how far to insert the needle, educating them on how to minimise the potential for error.  

With the ability for repeatable practise, our trainers enable students to develop their skills and gain confidence before using them to treat patients.  


You can download the ART app for free in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store to start exploring our 3D models now. Pair one of our compatible products with an ART mat to unlock the Augmented Reality feature. ART Mats now come as standard with all new purchases.