People Project - Meet Natalie

30 April 2020

It’s been three years since Natalie joined the Limbs & Things family. Initially joining as a temporary member of staff to facilitate Limbs INC’s relocation, Natalie has grown into a role where she is indispensable to the global operation.

People Project - Meet Natalie

In 2017 Natalie followed her husband of 25-years from Jackson to Savannah, the home of our American Subsidiary. After spending 14 years in the school system, she had the intention to fill a similar role in her new hometown. However, she admits it wasn’t that easy: “We moved down here because my husband got a job down here. I wanted to get back into the school system.” It was at that point where she enrolled with temp agencies and found Limbs & Things. Speaking from her Savannah home, ‘family-orientated’ Natalie reflects on her subdued introduction to Limbs: “I started as a temp to help the move from Mall Court to the new location. I helped with the transition of the move and then when we were settled, the company wanted to carry out some digitizing and I was still a temp then so I said ‘I can do it’, and I was hired as the General Manager’s Assistant.”



Moving boxes is now a distant memory for Natalie. Her job title now is Demo Stock & Events Coordinator, where she covers all aspects of our demonstration kit and event arrangements across the whole of the United States – ensuring our products are ready to be distributed and then demonstrated by the sales team, and also making sure all our US teams are fully equipped and prepared for their trade-shows. In truth, her role is even more extensive than that, as she gleefully explains: “The main part of my job is that I take care of all the products, clean them and repair them – there’s a lot of nourishing! On top of that, I’m the trade-show coordinator, too. So, I still do have the desk part of the job where I book the trade shows and get all that together and everything like that. There’s a lot I do!”

Natalie isn’t wrong, there is a lot to do. On top of a lot of product nurturing and renovating, and organizing everything from hotel stays to furniture choices for our US exhibitions, Natalie also provides the product refresher training for all our US personnel. It’s no mean feat, as Natalie, who has no prior medical background, gets to grip with the products and the procedures they facilitate, before distributing her expertise to our entire US contingent. For many, this would be a daunting task, but for Natalie there is just a love for her role, and a determination to succeed regardless of what she is asked to do. “I love doing it! It also teaches me more about the products as well and refreshes me. It’s really good fun”, she says.

Her happiness and appreciation for own role further extends into her events and exhibitions work. “The trade-shows are definitely my favorite part of the job. Basically, getting the trade-shows together, making sure they have everything they need and basically having a successful trade-show, that’s the highlight for me.”

“The effect our products have is absolutely amazing. I went to Canada to the CCME Conference and it was just fascinating to be on the other end, where I can actually see the outcome of the products and see the doctors and students actually interact with them.”

Natalie’s ability to adapt to new roles, situations and maintain a level of performance that is unquestionable also led to her being named the US ‘Rookie of the Year’ in 2019. So, what does Natalie put her success down to? “Organization!” she says with a wide smile on her face. “I’m very organized. It’s basically just about organization, and that’s something you need when you have that many products and when you have a lot of people that depend on you.”

Natalie finishes by saying: “I love my position and the aspect that I get a chance to work with everybody.” It’s obvious that Natalie clearly enjoys what she does, but above all else, she loves supporting and being around her colleagues.