Work with us

Senior Product Designer

Bristol, UK


Area of Accountability:

·         Research - technologies, materials and processes that can be incorporated into our products. Innovation needs to be a key focus.

·         Design – products that deliver the learning objectives effectively and on budget (time & costs).

·         Development – build and test ideas, continuously looking for opportunities for functional or process improvements and cost reductions.

·         Communication – effective and precise.

·         Relationships – build strong links with projects stakeholders.

·         Project Management – define the most effective process route that will deliver the project on time and on budget.

·         Manage project resources (people, lead times, materials etc.) effectively.



·         Linking the functional requirements to the product specification.

·         Optimization of anatomical features in relation to production materials and their processes.

·         Expert translation of the training requirements and how these are best met by the products design features.

·         Effective project planning and resource management.

·         Communication with customers during prototype evaluations – These events must provide clear indications of product performance.



Performance Indicators:

·         Successful well-designed prototypes that meet the product specification and deliver the learning objectives.

·         Well managed projects with supporting documentation that can be passed on to our design engineering team for continued development.

·         Good communication with NPD stakeholders, other departments and external medical advisors/customers.

·         Continued support of those involved in subsequent stages of development, resulting in a commercially successful product.

·         Acknowledged for providing of good advice and support throughout company.

·         Effective and prompt resolution of issues, should they arise.



Experience - candidates with any of these would be considered for interview:


·         Proven commercial experience of innovative product design/development and project management. Must provide evidence via portfolio from the last 24 months.

·         A background in bioengineering or medical design/engineering would be considered if supported by relevant work.

·         Medical knowledge based on medical training and/or experience in medical practice would be a distinct advantage.



·         Be able to solve complex design problems and prove they are robust and effective.

·         Must be able to communicate concepts/solutions via hand sketches/drawings and 3D mock-ups.

·         Good understanding of anatomy and physiology would be an advantage.

·         Good CAD Skills (Solidworks, ZBrush) would be an advantage.

·         Proven ability to deliver projects on time and to spec.

·         Ability to build prototypes for evaluation and life testing.

·         Basic engineering skills – turning, milling, drilling etc.




·         Excellent understanding of polymer materials – silicone rubber, PU, injection moulded plastic etc.

·         Excellent understanding of product/industrial design and design engineering principles.

·         Good understanding of 3D printing and its applications.

·         Good modelmaking and mould-making skills.

·         Good verbal and written communication.