Shoulder for Joint Injection

Part 30010


For practicing soft tissue joint injection used for the treatment of injuries and arthritis. There are five different injection sites incorporated into this model - Shoulder for Joint Injection.

  • Patient posture and management
  • Palpation techniques
  • Injection on 5 specific sites:
    • subacromial space
    • acromioclavicular joint
    • bicipital groove
    • glenoid fossa from the anterior aspect
    • glenoid fossa from the posterior aspect
  • Represents normal anatomy precisely (both superficially and subdermally) for palpation purposes
  • Feedback Console illuminates:
    • green LED when needle is correctly placed in each of the injection sites
  • Supplied with Joint and Soft Tissue Injection book by Trevor Silver
  • Skin surface is washable using soap and water
  • 1 Shoulder for Joint Injection
  • 1 Feedback Console
  • 1 'No Trace' Marker
  • 1 Shoulder Skin
  • 1 Shoulder Needle Set
  • 4 AA batteries
  • 1 21 Gauge (0.8 x 40mm) needle with electrical return lead
  • 1 23 Gauge (0.6 x 25mm) needle with electrical return lead
  • 1 Joint and Soft Tissue Injection by Dr. Trevor Silver
  • 1 carry case

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