PHaSES Abdominal Opening & Closure Trainer

Part 50095


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An advanced abdominal wall pad incorporating epidermis, dermis, fat & linea alba. This pad, with separate peritoneal layer, is mounted on a base for teaching all surgical access and closure techniques to the abdomen.

  • In addition to those of the Standard AOCT:
  • Incisions: linear, ellipse, flaps, shaped
  • Subcuticular undermining
  • Simple and advanced interrupted suturing techniques
  • Subcuticular suturing
  • Continuous suturing
  • Stapling
  • Use of adhesive strips

In addition to those of the Standard AOCT:

  • 5 layered system represents the abdominal wall anatomy: epidermis, dermis, fat, linea alba, peritoneum


  • 1 Professional AOCT Pad  Part No: 60431 (Includes 2 peritoneums & 5 balloons)
  • 1 AOCT base