Eye Examination Simulator

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A sophisticated trainer for teaching and practicing the use of an ophthalmoscope, examining the ocular fundus, and learning and identifying diseases and conditions within the eye.

  • Use of an ophthalmoscope (not supplied)
  • Examination technique
  • Identification of up to 10 cases
  • Communication skills
  • Unique set of image processed slides taken from real cases to provide a highly realistic 3D perspective
  • 2 step pupil diameter variations (3.5mm, 8.0mm)
  • 3 step slide locator to simulate hyperopic, normal and myopic views
  • Red reflex
  • Eyeballs with lenses that reproduce a realistic visual axis and view of eyegrounds
  • Soft and supple material to allow the eyelids to be raised
  • 10 common diseases/conditions:
    • normal eyeground
    • hypertensive retinopathy: arteriolar vasoconstriction grade 3, arteriolosclerosis grade 1, hemorrhages and cotton wool spot, simple vein concealment
    • simple/background diabetic retinopathy: microaneurysms, hemorrhages & hard exudates
    • papilloedema (chronic phase)
    • papilloedema (acute phase)
    • glaucomatous optic atrophy: glaucomatous optic disc cupping & nerve fiber bundle defect
    • retinal vein occlusion (acute phase): flame-shaped hemorrhage & cotton wool spots
    • retinal vein occlusion (after retinal laser photo-coagulation)
    • toxoplasmosis: retinochoroiditis
    • age-related macular degeneration: macular exudates & subretinal hemorrhage
  • 1 Replacement Fundus Case Slides (Set of 10) KK11220-010  
  • 1 Eye Examination Simulator Base
  • 1 Slide Holder
  • 1 Storage Box
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