Knot Tying Trainer

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A comprehensive trainer for teaching all surgical knot tying techniques, including those specified in the GB and Ireland Intercollegiate Basic Surgical Skills Course. This model was developed in collaboration with Mr. Jonathan Beard, Northern General Hospital, Sheffield, UK and Mr. John Rochester, Rotherham General Hospital, UK.

  • One-handed reef knot technique
  • Instrument tie
  • Surgeon's knot
  • Slip knot
  • Tying in a small opening
  • Tying at depth vertically in a large opening
  • Tying at depth, at an angle, in a large opening
  • Unique magnetic system to represent tissue strength
  • 2 perioperative openings represented by:
    • small, shallow fixed cylinder for tying in a small opening
    • large, deep removable cylinder, reversible for angled abdominal and gynaecological depth tying
  • Cylinders are transparent to allow the trainer to observe and assess trainee competence
  • Parallel knotting tubes are elastic for a realistic tissue response
  • Light and compact
  • 1 Knot Tying Trainer
  • 3 Two Colored Cords 50164
  • 3 Knotting Tubes 50158

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