Clinical Female Pelvic Trainer Mk 3 - Standard

Part 60900


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In response to customer feedback, the new CFPT Mk 3 has been designed with three major improvements in mind:

  • greater durability: new materials are harder wearing
  • simplified design: model is easy to disassemble and uterine modules are quickly and easily changed (no clips or screws)
  • greater variety of modules: each with a different combination of uterine & cervical anatomical variations, and additional pathologies

Presents accurate anatomical and tactile representation of the female pelvis for hands-on examination and diagnosis of pathologies and abnormalities. It can be used for many levels of training from undergraduate onwards, in addition to family health.

  • Recognition of perineal and pelvic anatomy including bony landmarks
  • Digital vaginal examination
  • Bi-manual examination
  • Cervical smear procedure (including use of speculum)
  • Digital rectal examination

* Please note that the Uterus Modules for this product CANNOT be used with the CFPT Mk 2 - Standard (60800) or the CFPT Mk 2 - Advanced (60805)

  • Interchangeable uterine modules with different complications
  • Modules can be changed quickly and easily
  • Each uterus is presented at the correct anatomical angle
  • Each cervix is more pronounced, as in real life
  • Soft and strong perineum & labia
  • Labia can be parted more realistically
  • Anus and lower bowel is present in all modules
  • Abdominal wall with fat layer makes palpation more realistic
  • Abdominal wall can be removed quickly and easily
  • Partial thighs aid anatomical orientation
  • Water-based lubricant supplied to aid digital examination and use of speculum
  • Modules can be easily cleaned to remove lubricant
  • All components are latex free
  • Additional modules are available with different pathologies and abnormalities
  • 1 CFPT Abdominal Insert  Part No:60900 
  • 1 CFPT Module 1: Normal - Nulliparous Cervix Part No:60920
  • 1 lower torso
  • 1 carry case
  • 1 base
  • 1 tube of aqueous gel