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Maternity care global experts to gather in Bath, UK for PROMPT Symposium

Posted: 04-02-2015

A multi-professional team of experts from around the world will be gathering in Bath in March 2015 to share their experiences of using simulation training to improve maternity care. 
The inaugural two-day symposium organised by the PROMPT Maternity Foundation and supported by Limbs & Things, will feature keynote speakers including Professor Cathy Warwick CBE (Chief Executive of the Royal College of Midwives), Dr Carl Macrae (Organisational Psychologist & Health Foundation Improvement Science Fellow) and Professor Charles Vincent (Chair of Patient Safety, Oxford). There will also be presentations from PROMPT teams across the world.
Aimed at obstetricians, midwives, anaesthetists and other professionals and students interested in safety and quality improvements in maternity care, the symposium will feature hands on workshops focusing on new training models, new PROMPT training packages for undergraduate and pre-hospital settings and different methods for monitoring outcomes.
Professor Tim Draycott, trustee and research lead for the PROMPT Maternity Foundation said, “We are delighted to be able to include speakers and maternity teams from the UK and right around the world to share their excellent quality improvement projects at the symposium.”
Managing Director of Limbs & Things, Nic Riley, added, “Limbs and Things is pleased to be supporting PROMPT Maternity Foundation in this first symposium. The aim is to bring multi-disciplinary healthcare teams together from across the world to learn and share ideas, promote collaborative working and ultimately improve patient outcomes.”
Delegates are being invited to submit an abstract for a poster presentation, details on which can be viewed on the ‘Abstracts’ section of the PROMPT Symposium website (
Further details on the event can be found at  and instant news and updates can be followed on twitter - @PROMPTSymposium, or Facebook - PROMPTSymposium2015.

About PROMPT Maternity Foundation
The PROMPT Maternity Foundation (PMF) is a multi-professional group of obstetricians, midwives and anaesthetists who are all employed within the NHS at hospitals in the South West of England. The aim of the charity is to reduce preventable harm to mothers and their babies by improving awareness and facilitating the distribution of effective obstetric emergencies training to areas of the world seeking access to an economical and sustainable training model.

IMSH - Limbs & Things enjoys sucessful 2015 event

Posted: 04-02-2015

In January Limbs & Things celebrated the beginning of what will be a year of silver anniversary celebrations at IMSH 2015 in New Orleans. Launching a new corporate identity and previewing some exciting new products to customers were highlights of the event for the company.
Demonstrations of the NEW Surgical Female Pelvic Trainer were available, offering visitors the opportunity to experience first-hand this versatile learning platform that can be used to teach and practice a wide range of minimally invasive gynecologic surgical techniques.
The PROMPT Flex that will be available in May was also previewed. This advanced birthing simulator, built on the success of PROMPT will offer an improved design improvements and additional functionality to set a new benchmark for obstetrical task trainers.
Alongside these new products, the best-selling Clinical Male Pelvic Trainer Mark 2, improved Breast Examination Trainer and procedurally exemplary Chest Drain were on show.
2015 saw IMSH celebrate 15 years as the largest event globally for healthcare simulation, bringing together researchers, educators, facilitators, manufacturers, practitioners and experts from around the world. This year over 2000 delegates attended in order to network, participate in seminars and workshops and see exhibitors demonstrate the latest technology in the industry.
It was a great event for the Limbs & Things team from Noth America, Europe and Australasia and we hope to see you again in 2016!

For further information on the NEW PROMPT Flex visit

Clinical Male Pelvic Trainer brings clinicians & educators closer to effective examination diagnoses

Posted: 31-07-2014

New Clinical Male Pelvic Trainer brings clinicians & educators closer to effective examination diagnoses

Bristol, UK – 28th July 2014

Limbs & Things launches a new, improved Clinical Male Pelvic Trainer (CMPT) to help clinicians & educators teach healthcare professionals how to perform male examination – effectively identifying anatomy and diagnosing critical pathologies in men’s health.

One in 250 men is diagnosed with testicular cancer at some point in their lifetime, and with no known way to prevent the disease, the best protection is regular physical examination plus early treatment for any signs of pain, lumps, lesions, or swelling in the genital area. If testicular cancer is diagnosed early, the five-year survival rate is over 95%1. The CMPT Mk 2 offers a realistic procedural experience for those learning how to perform effective and consistent male genital examinations – improving competence and confidence and ultimately contributing to improved patient outcomes.

Working in close collaboration with medical practitioners and educators, Limbs & Things defined essential features for the CMPT Mk 2 to meet curriculum needs, and has developed an accurate and effective learning platform comprising Advanced and Standard versions.

Cathy Carr, Clinical Skills Tutor at the Clinical Skills Resource Centre, University of Liverpool, said: “This is an exciting development for the medical community, as it will make a real difference to students, and ultimately their patients. Collaboration is the way forward for healthcare devices. A model can look fantastic, but until you actually use it in a teaching session, you never truly know if it lives up to the claims. We wanted a model that is visually; tactilely and procedurally realistic to give students an experience that closely mimics real life  Limbs & Things has exceeded our expectations and I am delighted to say this is an excellent model that will be valued by teachers and students.”

The Limbs & Things CMPT Mk 2 uses the most relevant materials and the latest production techniques to bring the male pelvic anatomy to life. The Advanced version has seven interchangeable genital modules – providing users with a range of cases to examine – helping healthcare professionals identify presentations ranging from normal through to common pathologies and complications (e.g. varicocele, testicular cancer, epididymal cysts, etc.). The modules are quick and easy to change; ideal for alternating cases in training sessions. The model allows for both supine (lying down) and standing inspections/palpations in line with the requirements of a full male genital examination and may also be used to teach patients themselves how to self-examine.

Learn more about how the Clinical Male Pelvic Trainer helps improve male genital examination skills at

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Reference: [Accessed 15th July 2014].

For more information about Limbs & Things and the Clinical Male Pelvic Trainer, please contact Farah Ghulamali on 0208 971 6408/

Notes to editors:
Limbs & Things is committed to facilitating superior learning in Clinical Skills. Working closely with clinicians from Clinical Skills Resource Centre, University of Liverpool; Imperial College, London; Guys Hospital, London; Southmead Hospital, Bristol and University of Southampton; Limbs & Things have developed a relevant and effective product that meets healthcare training needs.

As a leading healthcare simulation manufacturer its goal is to produce products which allow clinical educators to deliver their curriculum requirements for physical examination, procedural and specialist skills. As effective replacements for real patients, high qualityproducts will bring greater competence and confidence to healthcare professionals during their training.

Limbs & Things continues to explore new manufacturing technologies and materials and supplies products to healthcare educators and practitioners around the world.

Limbs & Things Attends Global Network Simulation in Healthcare Meeting

Posted: 16-07-2014

Limbs & Things Managing Director, Nic Riley, joined experts and decision makers from across the industry at The Global Network for Simulation in Healthcare (GNSH) earlier this month in Edinburgh. 

The GNSH is a network of worldwide organisations committed to enhancing patient safety, healthcare quality, research and education through simulation.

The summit was established in 2010 by representatives from a number of different organisations with a vested interest in healthcare simulation. The group developed the following objectives in order to build a common frame work for the future of the industry:

• GNSH aims to promote the appropriate use of simulation in healthcare to improve patient care and safety, clinical service, training, research and education
• GNSH will act as a source of expertise and as a global resource.
• GNSH uses collaborative working and shared advocacy, to support and promote the use of simulation in healthcare.

Topics covered during the three day conference included identifying the core values and principles that support the effective development of simulation globally and establishing a business case, value proposition and research base for future work.
For further information about the GNSH visit:

New Product Update: Clinical Male Pelvic Trainer Mk2 with extra modules

Posted: 26-06-2014

The Clinical Male Pelvic Trainer Mk2 is a new version of one of Limbs & Things best-selling task trainers, providing a realistic simulation experience to enable the hands on teaching of male examination skills and diagnosis.

The model is an accurate and functional representation of a male body from upper mid-thigh to 20mm above the umbilicus. It is durable and latex-free and includes a foreskin, essential for students who have never experienced the difference between penises that have been circumcised and those that have not.

The model can be used in two patient positions, supine - supported on a formed base and self-standing in the upright position. The Advanced trainer features new and improved pathologies to deliver a realistic training experience and familiarisation with a range of testicular and penile abnormalities.

The main body section includes an internal structure that helps define bony landmarks to support the user to conduct a realistic patient examination.

The new product range comes in both Advanced (more modules) and Standard version and offers:

• Improved overall quality and durability
• Greater general realism
• Simplified ‘uncluttered’ design
• Added functionality including testicular complications and pathologies

The product was developed in strict collaboration with clinicians who conduct regular medical training and lacked a product to teach accurate male pelvic examination and diagnosis.

By developing a product that looks and feels realistic, the CMPT ultimately provides a procedurally realistic and anatomically accurate training experience.

For further information about the Clinical Male Pelvic Trainer email

Things with Limbs Raise Pandemonium and £2000 for charity

Posted: 17-06-2014

A team of 14 Limbs & Things athletes of varying abilities completed Pandemonium at Colerne army base on 8th June in aid of Orchid Cancer Charity.

Tackling the 12K obstacle race were employees from across the company, who collectively raised just over £2000 in aid of the uniquely male cancer charity.

The team, Things with Limbs, all finished the race in under two hours, which consisted of running, climbing and crawling through muddy trenches.

Fastest times within the group were from Pete D'Alessandro finishing in 1 hour 8 minutes and Jon Ledrum and Clare Rangeley both with finish times of 1 hour 13 minutes. A good result from the R&D team, but congratulations to all who ran and many thanks to those who donated.

See you all next year!

Trainer improves clinical skills to address the consequences of FGM in the UK

Posted: 04-06-2014

Trainer improves clinical skills to address the consequences of FGM in the UK

Female Genital Mutilation, the practice classified as a violation of human rights by the United Nations , leaves both physical and psychological scars on girls and women. For the 66,000 women in England and Wales living with the consequences of Female Genital Mutilation (FGM), reversal surgery known as deinfibulation, offers much needed hope.  The number of women living in the UK with FGM is growing year on year, due to immigration from ethnic groups whose cultures traditionally practice FGM . This highlights the importance of healthcare professionals knowing how to identify FGM and being skilled at performing this vital reversal surgery.

Developed in collaboration with experts in the field, the Limbs & Things FGM Deinfibulation Trainer helps clinicians train health professionals to develop the necessary skills and understanding of deinfibulation by:
• recognising type III FGM 
• guarding vital anatomy while performing a surgical incision
• suturing skills including knot tying
The deinfibulation trainer includes features that offer a realistic procedural experience, such as skin layers which have a lifelike retention of sutures.
Those learning using the trainer benefit from realistic procedural experience – essential as they build their skills and confidence around this delicate area of patient care.

Dr. Geetha Subramanian, Consultant Gynaecologist, is one of only a few UK-based medical professionals to perform deinfibulation. Having carried out many deinfibulations during her career she has had significant experience of examining women and assessing their clinical needs:
“Recently there has been much focus on identifying those at risk of FGM and eradicating the practice. However, there is a lack of knowledge amongst clinicians about the support that can be offered to those who have experienced FGM. It is essential to invest in training so that clinicians have the necessary skills to assess clients and perform deinfibulation if appropriate. There is absolutely no need for these young girls and women to live in pain or embarrassment any longer.”
In London alone, 4,000 women and girls received treatment for FGM between 2009 and 2013 . As the issue becomes more widely discussed, the real number of those affected will emerge and health services will need to act to provide appropriate treatment. Public Health Minister Jane Ellison, pledged last year to make tackling FGM a priority for the government and the Department of Health is currently working with NHS England, Health Education England and the Royal Colleges to develop materials and training to support NHS staff.  

Illegal in the UK, FGM is the term used for any alteration to female genitalia performed for non-medical purposes. The girls affected usually range from young infants up to the age of 15. It involves the cutting and/or removal of the labia and clitoris and the narrowing of the vaginal opening.  Removing or damaging the female genital tissue can interfere with natural bodily functions. The long-term consequences are extensive and can include pain, sexual difficulties, urinary problems, complications during pregnancy and childbirth and damage to the reproductive system. The increased likelihood of complications during pregnancy includes the need for caesarean sections, dangerously heavy bleeding after the birth of the baby and prolonged hospitalisation following the birth. On average women who have undergone FGM III have 30% more caesareans and are 70% more likely to suffer from postnatal haemorrhage . Data compiled by the Department of Midwifery and Child Health, City University, found that in 2008, 1.67% of UK births were to women affected by FGM . These statistics highlight that if the FGM campaign is to gain any traction, it is paramount that health professionals are skilled to confidently support the individuals, families and communities already affected, which includes performing deinfibulation.

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For more information about Limbs & Things and the FGM Deinfibulation Trainer, please contact Farah Ghulamali on 0208 971 6408/

Notes to editors:
Limbs & Things is committed to facilitating superior learning in Clinical Skills, Women’s Health and Surgical Specialties. As a leading healthcare simulation manufacturer its goal is to produce products which allow clinical educators to deliver their curriculum requirements for physical examination, procedural and specialist skills bringing greater confidence to healthcare professionals during their training. To achieve this, the company collaborates closely with leading clinicians, explores new manufacturing technologies and materials and supplies its products to the worldwide healthcare education market. Limbs & Things is based in Bristol, UK, operating globally the company has offices in the USA, Australia and Sweden.

Things with Limbs Attempt 12K Obstacle Race for Orchid Charity

Posted: 03-06-2014

Fourteen intrepid Limbs & Things employees will be getting sporty for charity on 8th June by participating in Pandemonium, a 12k obstacle course in Colerne, near Bath.

The employees from across the business will attempt the off-road obstacle race in a bid to raise funds for Orchid Cancer, a charity that aims to raise awareness of the three uniquely male cancers testicular, prostate and penile.

The event coincides with the launch of Limbs & Things latest new product the Clinical Male Pelvic Trainer Mk2, a male examination task trainer that facilitates a realistic learning experience for training healthcare professionals. The product offers a number of modules providing an accurate interpretation of common pathologies and testicular complications.

The Limbs & Things team, ‘Things with Limbs’ has set up a Just Giving page to help them raise a £2000 target for the charity. To donate, please visit:

Limbs & Things launches Adult Male Circumcision Trainer

Posted: 20-05-2014

Limbs & Things, a leading manufacturer of quality medical training products, has launched a new product designed for health professionals to practise the skills needed to perform prophylactic and therapeutic male circumcision.
The trainer allows the user to perform three methods of male circumcision: forceps guided, dorsal slit and sleeve resection. This product provides a realistic platform for acquiring skills, improving confidence and experience in performing this procedure. The model presents the penis in supine position, and provides an accurate and realistic retraction of foreskin and realistic representation of the layers of the foreskin. 
Limbs & Things, known for its world-class medical skills training simulators has been recognised for its innovative contribution to skills training in medicine, and remains committed to working closely with leading clinicians and embracing new materials and technologies to help meet their educational needs.
For more information

Limbs & Things President Margot Cooper talks Business, Innovation & Skills to Business is Great

Posted: 19-05-2014

President and Founder of Limbs & Things, Margot Cooper, was interviewed by the Department of Business, Innovation & Skills for its new online publication Business is Great.

Margot spoke about the history of Limbs & Things, the company’s receipt of the Queen’s Award in 2013 and the innovation required to create the specialist simulation products that the company is renowned for designing and manufacturing.

To read the full interview please click here.