TruCorp AirSim Multi

Part TCAA11100

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AirSim represents the ultimate realistic airway simulator available to prepare trainees with the skills needed for all critical airway management procedures.

Conceived and developed by doctors and engineers at the Queens University of Belfast, AirSim sets new standards in medical skills training.

  • One piece, seamless airway created from human CT scan data
  • Realistic tactile feedback during use
  • Faithful visualization of internal features during bronchoscopic examination
  • Tongue has a realistic shape, texture and response
  • Tongue can be inflated to variable sizes to simulate different swollen tongue scenarios
  • The teeth are constructed from denture moulds for anatomical realism
  • Unique spring-loaded jaw mandible allowing jaw thrust and realistic mouth opening together with the full range of jaw and mouth movements
  • The neck offers a full range of extension, flexion, lateral and rotational movements
  • Suitable for needle cricothyroidotomy
  • Designed to fit all major brands of supraglottic devices
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