Lung Sound Auscultation Trainer

Part KKM81-S

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A dedicated lung sound auscultation trainer allowing the trainee to learn to distinguish and identify different lung sounds and to diagnose their associated conditions.

  • Use and placement of a stethoscope (not included)
  • Identification of sounds and their variations
  • Relationship between sounds and auscultation sites
  • Ability to describe sounds clearly to others
  • Cases are recorded from real patients
  • 15 lung auscultation sites (7 anterior and 8 posterior) are used
  • Sites are fully synchronized for all cases
  • 35 programmed cases (33 of which can be heard with or without heart sounds)
  • Torso rotates on the base allowing lifelike examination of front and back
  • Lung sounds structure follows American Thoracic Society classification
  • Detailed explanation of lung sounds provided and synchronizes with the case being listened to. These include a description of the sound to aid identification, an explanation of how and why the sound is generated, and a listing of possible conditions. These are enhanced with illustrations, chest radiographs and CT images
  • External speakers can be used for group study, problem based learning and discussions
  • Sound waves can be displayed graphically to aid understanding and improve retention
  • Respiration rate can be varied
  • Each of the 15 speakers, which are built into the chest wall, has a separate computer based volume control
  • Suitable for assessing trainees' skills
  • 1 lung sound auscultation model
  • 1 audio cable
  • 1 personal computer
  • External speaker set

Due to a policy of continuing product development and software upgrade, the specifications and features of the current model may vary from those shown.

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