Hand & Wrist for Joint Injection

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An articulated model of the hand and wrist used for practicing soft tissue joint injection for the treatment of injuries and arthritis. There are four different injection sites, as well as the medial nerve, incorporated into this model.

  • Patient posture and management
  • Identifying anatomical landmarks
  • Relevance of digital movement for presentation of injection sites
  • Injection in 4 specific areas:
    • carpal tunnel
    • trigger finger - tendon sheath injection
    • de Quervain's sheath
    • first metacarpal joint
  • Precise placement of needle to avoid median nerve
  • Articulated joints
  • Simulates normal anatomical reference points for:
    • carpal tunnel
    • palmaris longus tendon
    • distal wrist crease
    • tendon to the flexor carpi radialis
  • Feedback Console illuminates:
    • green LED when needle is correctly placed in each of the injection sites
    • yellow LED when metacarpal joint is entered
    • red LED if the median nerve is hit
  • 1 Hand & Wrist for Joint Injection
  • 1 Feedback Console
  • 1 'No Trace' Marker
  • 1 Hand & Wrist Skin
  • 4 AA batteries
  • 1 23 Gauge (0.6 x 25mm) needle with electrical return lead
  • 1 25 Gauge (0.5 x 25mm) needle with electrical return lead
  • 1 Joint and Soft Tissue Injection by Dr. Trevor Silver
  • 1 carry case

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Vogelgesang, S. A. K., Theresa M.; Kreiter, Clarence D. (2002). "An Instructional Program to Facilitate Teaching Joint/Soft-tissue Injection and Aspiration." Journal of General Internal Medicine 17(6): 441-445.

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