Ultrasound Central Venous Catheter Insertion Simulator Mk 2

Part KKM93-UB


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A realistic model for teaching and learning the anatomy, cannula approaches and insertions of central venous catheters (CVC)  into the superior vena cava, with and without ultrasound guidance.

  • Identification of key landmarks, including the clavicle, sternocleidomastoid muscle and the internal carotid artery
  • Location of 3 common approaches:
    • subclavian vein
    • supraclavicular
    • internal jugular vein
  • Cannulation of the subclavian and internal jugular veins
  • Insertion of catheters into the superior vena cava
  • Avoiding and managing complications
  • Life-sized anatomically accurate upper torso and neck section relevant to the procedure
  • 3 interchangeable puncture blocks:
    • landmark pad for palpation and puncturing
    • ultrasound pad for guided catheter insertion into internal jugular vein
    • transparent cannulation pad for repeated practice (also for anatomical teaching)
  • Palpable internal carotid artery
  • Correct cannula placement into the vein allows blood to be collected in the syringe
  • Incorrect cannula placement results in a draw of blue fluid
  • 1 male upper torso & neck
  • 1 landmark puncture pad
  • 1 ultrasound puncture pad
  • 1 transparent cannulation pad
  • 1 head supporter
  • 2 bags of blood powder (water soluble)
  • 1 plastic bottle & spoon
  • 1 central venous catheter
Ultrasound CVC Insertion Simulator Mk 2 Video
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